The £2.99 Skincare Saviour

I get through bottles and bottles of this stuff, so I thought I'd share it with you guys incase you were on the hunt for your next budget skincare solution.

Witch hazel isn't a very elegant skincare solution- it makes me think of being a sulky teenager plagued with spots, vigorously rubbing witch hazel gel onto the affected areas. But forget what you think you know about witch hazel, because it honestly works!

Witch hazel is made out of the bark of a plant that grows in North America, and has been used for centuries to treat a huge variety of ailments.  It's a very natural solution to so many problems, not just in terms of skincare. I personally use it to treat acne, enlarged pores and blackheads. Witch hazel is a powerful antiseptic and astringent, meaning it kills off bacteria and also sloughs away dead skin cells, keeping my skin fresh, exfoliated and spot-free. 

It has a slightly off-putting medicinal smell, and I think it could be too harsh on super-sensitive skin, but you can dilute it with water and then it's not quite so abrasive. I use it as toner, pouring a little bit onto a cotton pad after I've cleansed and then following it up with moisturiser. It absorbs fast which is so great! I use it once a day, either in the evening before bed or in the morning before make-up.

You can buy witch hazel in the form of gel, but I love the liquid version because it doesn't leave any kind of crusty residue on my skin. Buy HERE.

Let me know if you use witch hazel as well! Just to let you know, I'm on the lookout for bloggers (not only fashion and beauty bloggers!) living in the East Sussex/ Brighton area who would be willing to be interviewed for an article I'm writing. It's all about what makes a successful bloggers, and would feature an interview and also some pictures from blog posts so it would be excellent exposure for you. If you know anyone or you'd like to be featured yourself, you can email me or comment below!