Blogger Call | East Sussex-Based Bloggers/Vloggers Wanted

I've been given a University assignment- to write an article for our student newspaper about what makes a successful blogger. 

To do that, I need you guys! 

I'm looking for someone who has a reasonably successful blog from East Sussex. It doesn't need to be a fashion or beauty blog. Anything goes- I'd be really keen to hear from some music or food bloggers especially. 

If you're interested, it would involve me emailing you with four short questions that you can answer in as much depth as you like- one sentence or one paragraph, it's really up to you- and then using some pictures from your blog for the feature. If you live near enough to me we could grab a coffee as well. 

The publication would be great exposure for your blog.

If you're interested or know of someone who is, please EMAIL, comment below or TWEET me.