Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment | A Quick Review

If you've ever been on the hunt for a  product designed to make your hair grow, chances are you've come across this treatment from Lee Stafford.

I first bought this to reverse the effects of a spontaneous haircut, which I did myself with a pair of kitchen scissors over the sink hours after a break-up. Very stupid move, I know. It's marketed for 'hair that never grows past a certain length' but I just used it to get back some of the length I'd lost. It worked really well- my hair seemed to be back to it's original length in just two months. I'm no Maths whiz, but I think that works out at about two and half inches of growth per month, which is pretty impressive considering the average speed of hair growth per month is about 1-2 inches. 

Aside from being a growth-enhancing treatment, it also serves as a deep-conditonter. After using this, my hair feels super soft, looks noticeably shinier and just generally healthier, without leaving any kind of residue or heavy build-up. You're meant to apply the treatment inbetween shampooing and conditioning, but because it rinses out so easily, I just use it after shampooing as my conditioner. 

On top of everything else, it also smells amazing.  At first I thought it was a little bland-smelling; it reminded me of vanilla candles. But actually, it has a slightly Christmassy scent to it as well, like spices and cinnamon and pine needles. A lot of conditioners smell great in the shower, but the scent seems to disappear as soon as your hair's dry, but this smell really lingers in your hair, which is a huge bonus. This mask is actually not dissimilar to Lush's AMERICAN CREAM which is a firm favourite of mine. 

I absolutely love this product, it's become my staple conditioner and I've been using it every wash. Unfortunately, there's not that much in the tub so it doesn't last all too long. It's also not that cheap, considering you can only get 5 or 6 uses out of it.

With that in mind, my overall rating for this product is - 7 / 10

You can buy it HERE