Super Simple Halloween Costume

It's Halloween tomorrow! If you haven't got a costume yet this one is really easy and pretty cheap to recreate. 

The costume has some serious schoolgirl-y vibes going on, as well as plenty of blood and gore. For the outfit, I wore a check dress, knee high sock and did plaits and wore cute little clips. The glasses are optional- I feel like they take away from the wow factor of the pencil. 

So this will be first ever video tutorial! How exciting! This one has been inspired by KAROLINA MARIA. The video itself is not that high-quality, so I apologise. I haven't got a good camera to film on, because obviously I'm not sure if filming will become a regular thing.  But if you do have any recommendations for cheap cameras let me know!

Below it is a step-step tutorial if you want to try this yourself!

1. Start with normal, everyday makeup.

2. Grab a pencil. I got a huge packet from Poundland. Then snap one in half.

3. From each half of your snapped pencil, you're going to cut a bit off. This will give the illusion that the pencil is actually going through your face. Use scissors, but be careful.

4. Make a mark where you want both sides of the pencil to be. Make it where the pencil lies flat against your skin, rather than at the end of the pencil. 

5. You're going to grab some liquid latex. This bottle was only about 3 pounds and I got mine from my local fancy dress store. With some cotton buds, paint the liquid latex onto the tip and down one side of the pencil. 

6. Take some wool from a cotton wool ball and place it over all the places on the pencil that you've coated in latex. Then, place another coat of liquid latex over the cotton wool. 

7. Dab the latex onto the spot you just marked, and press the pencil on. Hairdry on a cool setting to keep it in place. Repeat on the other side, where the pencil would 'exit'. 

8. Use a concealer to go over the dry latex to make it flesh-coloured. Blend it out.

9. Take a red liquid lipstick and start going over the latex and down the pencil. 

10. I used a cheap face paint palette that I've had for ages to add some more red tones to either side of the pencil. I applied it with a cotton bud and used both the lighter red and darker red shades.

11. Start going in with fake blood. This is another Poundland bargain and it's honestly so realistic, I was super impressed by it! Try and make it drip down your face if you can.

12. Keep switching between the blood and the lipstick and the face paints. I also used the tip of a pencil to tear at the latex to make it look more real. 

13. Using an eyeshadow palette with lots of browns and neutrals, add some browny shades to the blood. 

And that's literally it! So quick and easy and it looks pretty creepy as well. Let me know if you try and recreate it yourselves.

What are you going as for Halloween? Are you using liquid latex for super scary SFX looks or are you going more sexy? Send me links to your Instagrams so I can see!