New In: Recent Additions / First Impressions

I've been pretty unwell recently, so I thought I'd cheer myself up with a few new products that I've had my eye on for a while. It's my birthday in a few weeks as well, (gift suggestions welcome!) so I wanted some new products to wear for the celebrations. 

My skin's been looking better recently spot-wise (see THIS post for what I attribute to clearing it up) so I wanted a new foundation to wear with pride now I'm not feeling miserable about the state of my skin. Sine I started blogging, Anna, of (formerly, has been singing praises for Giorgio Armani's LUMINOUS SILK foundation. I felt like it was finally time to bite the bullet and heed her advice. This foundation is pricey, but this is definitely a get-what-you-pay-for situation. It has medium-buildable coverage with a semi-matte, semi-satin finish, but- here's what sets it apart- it goes completely undetectable on the skin. It perfects the complexion and magically manages to hold in place all day, all the while looking like real skin. No caking or settling into fine lines or pores. Good skin in a bottle, pretty much.  My shade is 4.5, which has a yellow undertone that's ideal for me, and I've been buffing it in with my Morphe 360 brush, just because that's my tool du jour. But if you're more of a dampened Beauty Blender kind of gal than I'm sure that would be more than sufficient as well.  

I'm wearing this with the BECCA BACKLIGHT PRIMING FILTER. The glow this gives is, in-keeping with Becca's famous line of highlighters, neither sparkly, nor shimmery and because this foundation isn't too heavy, the primer can shine through, leaving a healthy, dewy finish. It feels more like a moisturiser than a primer, with a light, serum-like formula, but it still keeps my foundation on lock all day.  I love the fact that it's goldeny, bronze rather than white so it doesn't leave a pasty cast in photos. I can't get over how glowy I look when I apply this!

I'm currently lying in bed, covered in moisturiser with my hair in a bun, and Nuxe's RÊVE DE MIEL slathered over my lips. This is a must for cold weather- it works amazingly overnight, healing dry, chapped lips and leaving them smooth and hydrated come morning. To be perfectly honest, I'm sure something cheaper, like Vaseline or Blistex could have done the same job, but i wanted to treat myself to this cult classic. It feels expensive, if that's possible, and has a really lovely, organic, honey flavour (or scent?). 

I'm pleased with all of my purchases, even if I am now going to have to live off pot noodles and walk everywhere rather than taxi, until my next student loan instalment. Or maybe my parents will pity me and give me a huge lump of cash for my birthday / Christmas. I've got my eye on a few other makeup bits- Tartlette in Bloom, I'm looking at you! Let me know if you've tried it, or comment any other suggestions / recommendations I should be putting on my birthday and Christmas lists.