The Perfect Berry Lip

December is here, and that means Autumn is giving way to Winter. But I'm still obsessing over burgundy shades- on my nails, on my lips, in the form of these TOPSHOP SOCKS, which have a frilly velvet trim. How festive is that?

In between lusting over the socks (and everything else in there, let's be honest) I picked up a lip bullet from the beauty stand. After doing some swatching, I opted for the shade 'Get Me Bodied', a hue that that manages to strike the perfect balance between red and purple. This has become my daily go-to for recreating a vampy pout. The colour pay-off is great and it lasts miraculously well on the lips- perhaps that has a little something to do with the RÊVE DE MIEL lip balm I've been religiously applying every day. Mini review HERE

This shade can be quite bold and I know a lot of people shy away from intimidatingly dark colours; but the beauty of the lip bullet is that it can be worn subtly. Rather than swipe it on, I like to dab it onto my lips and then blend it out with my finger and going in with a cotton bud and some micellar water to correct any smudges. This gives quite a nice stain-like effect that enhances my lips, instead of masking them. Ironically, the shade looks best paired with a tan, but being so fair my skin looks almost transparent at this time of year. I've been doubling down on the Garnier Summer Body and applying Benefit's Hoola to wake up my complexion a bit, and wearing these together have proved to be a winning combination.

Buy the Topshop lip bullet in the shade 'Get Me Bodied' HERE.

It's my birthday in exactly two weeks! My boyfriend and I are going up to Edinburgh to celebrate so let me know if you have any recommendations  for cute places to go while we're there.