The Unexepected Budget Moisturiser

I’ve been looking for a lightweight, daily moisturiser for a while now. This CLEAN & CLEAR DUAL ACTION OIL-FREE MOISTURISER costs just 3.50 GBP and fits the bill perfectly.

I picked up this Clean & Clear moisturiser in Boots when I realised I’d run out of my trust Origins GinZing moisturiser. Based on the price tag, I wasn’t expecting this to become a staple in my skincare routine but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! This moisturiser has a refreshing, minty scent, it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft, plumped and hydrated with no residual greasy sheen whatsoever. It’s marketed as a blemish-buster, and since using it I’ve definitely noticed fewer stress-induced spots rearing their ugly heads. I’ve also noticed a lot of similarities between Clinique’sANTI-BLEMISH SOLUTIONS CLEARING MOISTURISER and this infinitely more purse-friendly Clean & Clear gem.

If you like to live life on the edge, you could definitely introduce this moisturiser into your nighttime skincare ritual. I personally love that it’s not too thick or heavy, but it’s not quite as substantial as a night cream or a facial oil. However, matched with a hard-working eye cream (if you’re in the market, CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT EYES works wonders) and a neck cream you can start every morning with smooth, spot-free, squeaky-clean skin that makes the perfect base for makeup. A budget alternative to some of the pricier moisturisers out there, and one that I’m throughly impressed by! Let me know if you’ve tried out anything from Clean & Clear, I know they have some great cleansers and toners for all skin types.

Have a great rest of your week, I know I’ll be spending mine rushing to finish all my uni essays which is a shame as it’s been great weather here in Cornwall! Do you guys know what you’ll be doing this week? Let me know in the comments. x