Kevyn Auction's Sculpting Powder: An Honest Review

Sifting through the plethora of products marketed as contour powders/creams has been laborious, given that almost every single one of them has been too orange-toned for my liking. The fine line between a bronzer, which mimics the effects of the sun, and a contouring product, which is supposed to act like a shadow on the skin, is usually blurred. However, I'm quite impressed with the shade of Kevyn Aucoin's cult favourite, which supposedly took three years to perfect. It's a very cool, ashy powder with undertones of purple, grey and blue, with not a hint of the red/yellow undertone that bronzers favour.

I finally bit the bullet and popped this in my online Beautybay basket. The price tag is eye-watering considering the size; I think for 34 GBP you should be getting a little more than the size of a single eyeshadow pan, and its a very shallow, slim product. Since buying it, I've actually only used it a handful of times which is a shame as I was hoping I could whip it out every day to fake killer cheekbones, but unfortunately I find it can look quite harsh sometimes. Maybe I need time to nail the application or maybe its my choice of brush- I've been using a NARS Kabuki dupe from eBay which works great with other contour powders I've used. 

  That being said, I find Kevyn Aucoin's sculpting powder quite tricky to blend and more often than not I'm left with an unnatural, severe line, no matter what brush I've used. The only way I can make it work for me is by applying bronzer over the top using the Real Techniques sculpting brush and even then I tend to reach for this sculpting powder almost exclusively for nights out. The carved and chiselled cheekbones you can achieve with this powder don't make for a  very wearable, everyday look and the blending process is too time-consuming every morning, even for someone who takes an upwards of an hour to apply makeup (like me). 

As you can see, the packaging is gorgeous. The powder itself sits in a beautifully sleek, compact pan with a magnetic closing with gold detailing and an almost ombré effect on the lid. It comes in a gold box with a velvet pouch embossed with Kevyn Aucoin's name, which is a really nice touch and makes the product feel a little more luxe. 

Overall, while the colour is pretty spot-on, I find the texture a bit drying and hard to blend and it takes a while to get a natural-looking finish. Perhaps this shade is too dark for me, or maybe there's a learning curve or a perfect brush out there that will work like a dream to apply but at the moment, I'm slightly disappointed. I also can't ignore the price; as you can see from the above picture, the size in comparison to a 2 pence is pretty paltry for 34 pounds.  You can buy it HERE.

I'll keep you posted on whether or not I start to like this contouring powder a bit more. I hope you've all got a fun week ahead, are you going back to school or college or anything? I personally am just about to start my final semester of my first year at uni! I really need to make a plan for the summer; if you guys have any good suggestions let me know in the comments below.