Kiko's Long Lasting Shadow Sticks

I have a new love in the form of Kiko's long lasting eyeshadow sticks. Buy HERE for 6.90 GBP. 

Being the lazy person that I am, cream eyeshadows are a makeup bag staple because no matter how little time I have to apply my eye makeup or how little will I have to faff about with complimenting colours, cream eyeshadows always deliver a polished, I-put-in-the-effort look. I'm really impressed with Kiko's latest eyeshadow offering so far. They're very highly pigmented and blendable, have the right amount of shimmer without being sparkly and have a creamy consistency when applied that dries down to a crease-proof non-budge wash of colour. Best of all, the applicator serves as brush and my finger serves as a blending tool; laziness doesn't come much easier. Will the phrase one-swipe wonder ever catch on? Should I copyright it now?  

 The two shades I picked up are 38, Golden Taupe which is a shimmery brown with a hints of lilac and grey and 07, Golden Beige which is like a slightly darker take on a champagne highlighter. Inevitably, I spent ages deliberating on which colours to plump for because the shade range is absolutely spot-on. I was itching to grab 34, Pearly Rose Quartz which is such a unique dusky-candy pink; I've actually included a picture of the swatch below and the more I look at it the more I want to head back to Kiko and get it!

From the packaging to the range of neutral, brown-toned shades, all finished with a metallic sheen, Kiko's eyeshadow sticks look very similar to Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks. I feel they might be a potential dupe? Let me know if you've tried either the Bobbi Brown or the Kiko eyeshadow sticks and if you think they're dupe-worthy.