Summer Scents

I spent last weekend in Brighton with my boyfriend and honestly it was so hot and sunny I felt like summer had arrived early. It’s still pretty warm here in Cornwall and with that in mind, I decided to ditch my Wintry perfumes and start embracing the scents of summer. 

Starting in the shower, I can’t get enough of Aussie’s BEACH MATE hair mask. This hydrating mask provides the most summery, flowery, sugary scent that lasts all day and is so uplifting first thing in the morning when I hop into the shower. 

To moisturise, I like The Body Shop’s BODY BUTTER. I have no idea why they discontinued their line of peach-scented products, because this body butter smells exactly like a bowl of fresh peaches. I’m amazed by how organic and natural it smells. As well as body butter, I also like a body oil for added scent and THIS one from Urban Outfitters makes my skin unbelievably soft. It’s enriched with Tahitian monoï and Tiara flowers and to me, smells like Hawaiian beaches, bright blue skies and ever so slightly like suncream.

To add to the already delicious cocktail of scents going on in my hair, I can’t get enough of OJON’S REVITALISING MIST. Not only is this great for when my hair’s feeling a bit dehydrated in the warmer months, it also has a beautiful, unique scent to it. Out of all these products, the smell of this mist transports me to summer the most. Ojon oil, the main ingredient, is derived from the tropical rainforest so maybe that’s why the smell of it makes me feel like it's ten degrees warmer outside than it actually is.

For me, summer hair wouldn’t be complete without beachy waves. I’m quite lucky my hair has a lot of natural wave to it already, but Bumble & Bumble’s SURF INFUSION definitely adds some shine and bounce, and, of course, smells amazing; like pineapple, coconuts and that indistinguishable expensive hair product smell. I tend to spritz it on and comb it through after the hair mist and allow my hair to air dry.

To finish off my summery collection of scents, I always return to CLARINS EAU DES JARDINS for my perfume. Clarins have managed to capture the scent of lush Italian gardens filled with flowers and marble foundations and condensed it into this gorgeous red and yellow bottle. Every time I reach for it, it confirms that summer has well and truly arrived. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my summery scents! What are your favourite fragrances this summer?