Nighttime Skincare Routine

FARFETCH recently got in touch with me to participate in their ‘Nighttime Skin Regime of a Beauty Blogger’ competition. However, nothing in this post is sponsored!  I bought all of these products with my hard-earned money and I use them every night before bed.

The first thing I use is a firm favourite, one that you’ve probably heard me mention before and it’s Garnier’s MICELLAR WATER. This works like a dream, dissolving even the heaviest makeup in one quick swipe, and only costs 3.33 GBP! A certifiable bargain. I use two nice big cotton pads; one for my face and another for my eyes. Once I've removed most of my makeup, I like to deep cleanse, just incase there’s any dirt or grime below the surface of skin that my micellar water missed. Depending on how my skin’s doing, I either use Oskia’s cult classic RENAISSANCE GEL CLEANSER or Sunday Riley’s CERAMIC SLIP CLEANSER . I absolutely love the unique formula and fragrance of the Renaissance cleanser. It starts out as a baby-pink gel that smells exactly like turkish delights, and lathers up to a thick white cream that leaves my skin unbelievably soft and perfectly prepared for make-up application. The impressive list of ingredients includes pumpkin enzymes and Vitamin C for beautifully balanced, clean-but-not-tight, crystal-clear skin. 

The Ceramic Slip Cleanser is what I turn to when my skin’s on the warpath; I suffer with spots, and this has been a game changer for me. This cleanser gently soothes the skin while helping to quickly heal any existing spots and the 2 different types of clay draw out impurities from the skin to prevent future breakouts. There’s also a reason it’s got the word ‘ceramic’ in the title- one cleanse with this and my skin looks perfectly poreless and porcelain-smooth. To tone, I love Pixis’s GLOW TONIC. This powerful cocktail of skin-loving ingredients, including Vitamin A, gently buffs away dead skin cells and manages to glow up my skin even on it's dullest day. Since using this toner, I’ve felt a lot more confident going makeup-less.

As a serum, and in-keeping with my quest for radiant skin I’ve been using Medik8's Retinol ADVANCED NIGHT SERUM. This is marketed as an anti-ageing oil, but it works wonders at brightening up my skin and, most importantly for me, it’s slowly but surely working away at my acne scars. Even with such a high concentration of Retinol, it doesn’t burn or make my skin tingle; I just apply a few dropsdirectly to my face with the pipette and rub it in with my fingers. To moisturise, I can’t get enough of Eucerin’s BRIGHTENING CLINICAL MOISTURISER (on offer!).  I know this is a day cream, but I can’t stand the feel of heavy creams so the consistency of this is just right to slather on before bed and leave to absorb overnight. This has definitely worked with the Glow Tonic and Retinol to wake up my complexion and since following this routine, so many people have been commenting on my skin and telling me how fresh I look. To finish, if I have any of those horrible, under-the-skin spots (the bane of my life) I pop a bit of Mario Badescu’s DRYING LOTION on them with a cotton bud. Get the crusty pink sediment at the bottom onto any spot and in the morning I swear it’ll be reduced massively. Kylie Jenner SWEARS BY IT and have you ever seen her with a spot? No? Exactly.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these and please also direct me to any back-to-school/ uni posts you’ve written. I’m going back to Uni in  few weeks and I need inspiration for how to decorate my room.

Have a lovely, lazy Sunday!