Antipodes Skin Brightening Cleanser | Review

What did I do before this cleanser entered my life? It’s honestly my Holy Grail and I will continue to buy bottle after bottle until something else comes along that rivals the glow-boosting, skin-clearing benefits of this gem- which might not even be possible. 

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I fully attribute my clear skin to the cocktail of bioactive ingredients in this cleanser. I’ve always suffered on and off with acne, namely clusters of small spots that flare up every now and again around my cheeks and chin. They’re mega annoying, stubborn and are often accompanied by those big, under-the-skin mountains with their own heartbeat and post code. But the gentle exfoliants in this cleanser, which include kiwi, honey and hibiscus, work together to buff away congestion and balance oil production, giving spots the boot. Em Ford of MyPaleSkin was actually a big fan of this cleaner when her acne was at its worse- video HERE. The exfoliants also work to give my complexion the most healthy, lit-from-within-glow after regular use, giving me the confidence to forego heavy foundations and stick to lighter bases that just wouldn’t float with spotty, dull skin. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Holy Grail cleanser if it didn’t also leave skin unstripped and hydrated. I’m almost surprised its so effective at tackling acne, given how mild and light it is on the skin. The product itself has a thick, gel-like consistency which lathers into a foam-free cream, which I really prefer over a sudsy froth. Although pricier than drugstore alternatives, the £25 price tag isn’t extortionate for a high-end cleanser, and the benefits are definitely worth it, in my opinion. Plus, one bottle seems to last a long time; I’m on my third, and I started using this around this time last year. I’m shocked and slightly appalled that it’s taken me this long to review this amazing, all-round staple in my skincare routine!

Buy the Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Cleanser HERE.